3 Secrets to Building Email Lists Fast with Facebook Contests!

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Did you know that hosting a Facebook Contest is one of the best ways to build your email list fast?

I didn't until a client asked if I could run a Facebook contest for them and I said yes. I had some previous experience running a contest, but not for building an email list. Imagine my surprise when their list blew literally up overnight after we launched! I was floored. After that success, the real work began. I hunkered down and analyzed why it had worked. Then, I sold more contests to more clients and tested my theories. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. But each contest was a learning experience. One day, I realized that all my successful contests were because I had duplicated the same steps over and over again. I knew I had found a system that I could use over and over again. Now, I’m passing 3 of the most important secrets of that system on in this free video training.

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During the “3 Secrets to Building Email Lists Fast with Facebook Contests” you’ll learn:

  • What one thing you have to do to guarantee your Facebook Contest reaches more people.
  • How the amount of information you ask for can lead to a more successful (or unsuccessful) contest.
  • How to design your contest page so people will find it easy to say “yes, I want in”!